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Schedule of the Day

During the fair, interesting brakfast and lunch lectures will be held in Vasa. In addition to this I-bild will offer the opportunity to update your LinkedIn or Resumé with a new profile picture. See the schedule for a full overview of the whole day!

(Coming soon)

Application for Interview Sessions

Some companies will offer interview sessions for students to apply and attend to. This is the perfect opportunity to advance your career and hopefully get a foot in the door! Click below to see which companies that will conduct interviews during the fair and apply!



You may wonder which companies will be exhibiting during the fair. Then you've found the right place. Every year the fair invites over 30 companies which you can see through the button below

Student's FAQ

Q1: How do I apply for career interviews?

A1: As soon as the application form opens you can apply here. Simply follow the steps in the form

Q2: Do all companies conduct career interviews?

A2: No, only a few companies will offer interview sessions during the day. Click here to see which companies

Q3: Will the fair interfere with my lectures during the day?

A3: Maybe. We do everything in our power to clear the schedule of lectures this day so you can attend as much as possible

FAQ Students
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