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Product Range

We offer different packages as companies demand different products. Click down below to see which package that fits your company's demand.


Interested in Sponsoring

Are you interested in marketing your brand towards visitors of the fair and sponsor the event? Please click the button below to connect with our Head of Sponsor!

Notice of Interest

Are you interested in exhibiting at the fair? Please fill out our Notice of interest form by clicking the button below. This form is not binding but shows your interest towards the project group arranging the fair



Can I request assistance with acquiring tables and other equipment to our booth?

 Yes, within the application form, you have the option to specify the equipment you would like to request for your booth.

What's the schedule during the fair?

The fair is accessible to visitors from 10 AM to 3 PM. Please ensure your booth is prepared by 10 AM. After 3 PM, you can tidy up your booth before the evening banquet.

Is there any designated company lounge available?

Yes, a dedicated lounge area will be provided for company representatives, offering refreshments such as coffee and snacks.

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