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Throughout the duration of the fair, we are pleased to announce a series of engaging breakfast and lunch lectures taking place in Vasa. Furthermore, I-bild will provide an exclusive opportunity for attendees to enhance their professional profiles by updating their LinkedIn or Résumé with a fresh and professional profile picture. For a comprehensive schedule of events spanning the entire day, please refer to our itinerary.s will be held in Vasa. In addition to this I-bild will offer the opportunity to update your LinkedIn or Resumé with a new profile picture. See the schedule for a full overview of the whole day!


The day wraps up with a delightful three-course dinner that brings students and companies together. This gourmet experience serves as the crescendo to our event, providing a vibrant stage for mingling, networking, and the and the sharing of insights and expertise. It's a time when attendees can connect, build relationships, and foster a sense of collaboration, leaving them with memorable experiences and meaningful connections to take away.

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